About Us

‘Transforming lives through quality education’

Peren Government College was established as a private college on 13th April, 1987 through the joint efforts of the local public leaders and government officers of the then Peren Sub-Division with the objective to bring the socially, economically and educationally less advantaged people of the sub-division. The College is provisionally affiliated to Nagaland University since 1995. It was taken over by the Government of Nagaland on 1st February 2006.

The College is co-educational and seeks to provide quality education for all sections of society reaching out especially to the socially, economically, culturally and educationally disadvantaged. The College follows a participatory style of management always alive to emerging needs and challenges, where a sense of belonging and ownership is shared and where exists regular interactions between the different constituents involved, so that education becomes the responsibility of a community comprising of teachers, parents, alumnus, students and management.

The College aim to equip the students for life, making them not only job-seekers, but also job-creators. Accordingly, keeping in mind the developments in educational strategies worldwide, the college is taking measures in introducing application- oriented subjects to answer to the need of the society that it serve and to give our graduates the advantage in the quest for employment.

Vision Statement:

‘Transforming lives through quality education’

Mission Statement:
  • Promote independent and critical thinking.
  • To provide every student with individual opportunities to excel.
  • Building confident students who exhibit initiative.
  • To channelize and systematize towards academic excellence.
  • Provide inter-disciplinary programmes to enhance human learning, growth and development.
  • To conduct community education programmes that encourages learning at every stage of life.
  • To improve the lives of individuals in a changing and complex global society.